Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not sure what binary is reversed when I--in my last post--diss a take on a part of VS's SCUM. I suppose the hypothetical (become, or became?, reality) notion that gay men are like women, and not, therefore, patriarchal. I do salute VS for recognizing that there's no automatic reason to equate gay guys to femininity/femaleness--that they can definitely be oppresive in
male-gendered ways.

Ok, here's another emerging question I have: is there power, and maleness tends to monopolize/abuse it, or is the power the maleness; put another way, does power have an inherent gender, or is it a field which any gender can embody, but which males often have far more access to. This then leads to me feeling I'm likely not imagining power in diverse enough ways--defining it too narrowly, like it is an entity which can be extricated from a real-time interaction. This then leads me to wondering about consent, but just what I'm wondering is at this very moment unclear. I hope all's well for all!

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