Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anterior to time seconds spit and hiss.

Arcady eradicates almost formed.

Fascist breezes blow through Arcady.

Almost formed seconds sit prettier than ducks.

This sky falls; there’s no raining.

Above--is it good, or almost good; or is it ugh-ugh pretentious? How can a breeze be Fascist? Noxious illegal fumes lacing the breeze? Is the point to juxtapose Arcady with its opposite? Why though would Arcady be opposite Fascism? Fascist is such an awkward term: political party turned general metaphor--ugh-ugh. Is sincerity a prerequisite for pretentiousness? Surely sometimes.

Regarding an earlier poem/whateverness: the "local bitterns" should be going blah to, not "blah too."

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