Monday, December 14, 2015

Aero                                  die                       anima pumpkin

Dug drought                          archive                         so lute         solo lint

Genius                                 dooms me                    meadow           sweet

I candle                                  eructates ax                      omnivore and ipecac

Aero                   dug drought        genius I                          candle                                    

Eructates ax                          dooms me                    archive            die

Anima pumpkin so           lute solo lint          meadowsweet omnivore and ipecac

Gap                  closure                      loose eye                       ordinal threat

Does this                        through ewe                     parallax               riparian

Make twee                       larynx sews scree                incipit              stone tang glows

Crotch pine nepenthe                cross spine limps         sump                mustard foison

Mustard foison                           gap                           ordinal threat               make twee

Through ewe             stone tang glows                  crotch pine nepenthe      loose eye                       

Incipit                 does                  this cross limps spine                     sump sews

Riparian threat                   scree parallax                 ordinal closure                gap parallax