Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On The Run, From And In, Bikini

Snapping fingers to the “brain
Stem’s” amazing vase,
On which,
Amazing grace,
An apple seed’s drawn,

A man, his pet merganser
Quacking happily
By his
Side—all slide, flee—
Mispronounces love.

“Song goes,” goes crazy. The vase
With which love’s watered,
One thoughts
Sweetly pottered,
Is creamy inside.

Its exterior, speckled
Like a high-grade egg,
Her chic-chic leg
As it “steps over

The yellow lines,” lines yellow
As fresh Grey Poupon.
I don’t
Like mustard, drone—
Rhone timbre, river

To look at not drink—till I
Make sounds which, I thought,
Be, be begot
By these bones, this frame.

Notes: The poem above is in honor of Bloof Book's celebration of Sandra Simonds' book Warsaw Bikini; here's the link: http://www.bloofbooks.com/news.html . For my competition entry, I have started forth from Simonds' poem "Your Own Winnebago," which can be read on the Verse Daily website.