Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sestina Draft


When I                               strive                            to write the
Most pretentious                         poem
                                                  Possible                   I will
Fail and                              this skill                      turn
Pearly                  but not pearl                nor purls.

Lamb bent over weir            blue iris                 redly purls
Its moraine those            kinds of the
Refuse                  all than          indefinite         as if marrow
                                                                              Meant poem
Could bleed                breaths of                  which turn
Flowers                 make malice free from will.

If this                   poem     bleeds              metaphor will
Render lapis blue                 unfathoms purls
Slip out some                    presiding       circumference            refuses turn
But the
Broke the                poem
I clomb fractally clambered          rehearsing pistons         limning marrow.  

When definite                             catches fire                    marrow
                                             Burn poem  
And turn                        till internment                         purls
Tune within bird no flame can turn.

Seasons run                                 way      models                    turn
Inside out           hot              pink velvet sleeves            unveil the

I want this poem
Hotly          but every              turn
                                                Taken              ossifies purls
Till pearls loop cold larynx                         taunts marrow
                                   Refracts jet’s will
Rescinds thee from the.

Not every poem              possesses marrow
But each                      turn       means                 affect will
Light subject via distances             like purls predicate the.