Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I love uberunhysteric radicalism! VW's 3G's! Amartya Sen! Guy Davenport's fiction!
I like the prose/prosepoem parts of, for example, Spring and All, but find the emphatic, hyperbolic tone actually far less radical than calmness, than VW or GD. Maybe it's "like" the difference between staging shitting in public, making it a happening, a performance, as opposed to just defecating and all the while engaging in exquistely polite discourse with a dapperly dressed man wearing a monocle, acting as if there's nothing odd/amiss--as if one is not creating a spectacle.

Hyperbole is an odd beast--is Emily Dickinson hyperbolic in her re-concieving of scale, or is the rescaling radical; are hyperbole and radical almost synonyms?

[Big leap?]

I wish there was a fat un-attractive (in any generic sense) female pop-star, not generically (or close enough: hello Lady G!) good-looking person who costumes themself in ways which may not be deemed duh nice-looking. Furthermore, I wish there were at-least three performers who fit this. Fat already is mainstream, so why not make it mainstage?

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