Sunday, June 27, 2010

A blog comment of mine finally made it into visibility at Kate Zambreno's blog! I feel a bit like I've recieved an acceptance from an editor! She has links/responses to some interesting queer-theory pieces--"The Anti-Social Turn In Queer Studies" by Jack Halberstam, and a response by Jackie Wang.

............Here's a little Halberstam snippet--itself a summary/assessment (which seems quite dubious) of Valerie Solanas:

Instead she colonizes the domain of violence and offers, helpfully, to cut men up (SCUM) in order to demolish the hegemonic order. While straight men are walking dildos, gay men or faggots embody all the worst traits of patriarchy because they are men who love other men and have no use for women. In the manifesto this is called "faggotry"...

The above strikes me as extremely homo-hating (and couldn't this be deemed very patriarchal/masculinist/normative?) and utterly status-quo enforcing: men are men and women are women and these positions are discrete and antagonistic--grossly conservative, no? So how is Solanas "demolishi[ing]" "hegemonic order"? Shooting an anorexic fag seems pretty lame to me, and Solanas seems to reverse a binary and change nothing. I should read SCUM. I can--not lol--sooooooooooooooo see VS becoming big amongst heterosex white gals; thankfully much feminism is much too smart for this so I'm likely lying.

BTW: the JH essay is INTERESTING.

Much love!

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