Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From a Montevidayo blogbox comment by Kent Johnson:

"Conceptualism is fine, but that Dworkin (though in this case it’s safe to say the act is by a whole group) would go so far as to put my name on something I haven’t written is really a bit too much. I don’t care what he says “the next frontier of propriety” will be. This crosses a line"

Honestly I find myself a touch surprised--or maybe dissapointed--by KJ's stance: his interest in challenging conventional notions of authorship seems to align with Dworkin's move.  Or maybe not because Yasusada traffics in a wholly fake author, whereas this BlazeVox book brings the mess of messing with authoprhsip into the very moment.  At any rate, this development feels to me like a logical extension.