Sunday, June 13, 2010

Every blogcommentbox post I've made at Kate Zambreno's blog Francis Farmer Is My Sister has not seen the light o' day--I hope it's tech issues and not me making Kate mad.

I'm looking forward to With Deer arriving sometime hopefully soonish in my mailbox.

A portion of the Teare poem posted a few days ago is not formatted correctly. MMMMMMMMMMM, sex, religion, gayness: deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelish.

I've been recently reading Baraka's selected Transbluencies; I don't dislike it, but it doesn't get me in the gut either. When he's breakin' lines well, well I think that's swell. Some of his political theorizing seems spot-on (un-naive takes on Black Nationalism etc); other times, nope-nope: his takes on violence seem underdeveloped.

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