Monday, June 21, 2010

I continue to be interested in Baraka's Transbluency--interesting, to me, the way he has fags, and then he has queens, and he seems to not see these categories as part/parcel; and of course with a style which seems in conversation with O'hara, Ashbery, well, this all makes for an interesting homo-hating dynamic. Too, his poems seem to anticipate so much to come--as in work of now/thelast ten years: I see some Reginald Shepherd, for example.

Here's a recent fragment:

Pack—pick-axe. Eyes consort. Dim and dimity do each to each infinity. Fragments glitter firmamentally. Do trips rip guts out or restate romance as theorized in the 70’s of the 16th century. Wreck this wrack. Flaps and flaps—here’s plastic not bird flying. Dirt does eternity.

I'm wanting to write a la the method--if I remember rightly/and of course her method may have changed!--of Anne Marie Albiach, who has said she writes a long chunk of words, then cuts; this is what I sort of did above, except the language-chunk wasn't all that long. It is, in the above form, much shorter though. I wish I was really into writing poems via a slow, patient process.

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