Sunday, March 25, 2012

Urgh, I Meant To Write Prose and May Have Gone Prosepoem:

Love without reason is often unattractive, which is different from love due to an unstated reason or complex of reasons. If I follow the contours of my thought as exactly as I can, I suspect every inch forward will project its own path; with hilarious rapidity one is scrambling through a forest; and please, friends, do not forget kelp! Hearing only the drawl of water and the respirators and its bubbles is like silence because a lovely property of silence is it amplifies small sounds into raison detres. Like many phenomena, silence does dissatisfy. Paint and marble, wood and glass, can bore one into the cusp of slumber. At times the said materials will wallop one in wave upon wave of sumptuous refreshment. Reason is, foremost, at-the-time. At no time have I worn a shirt, let-alone a dress, which feels like delicious water pours down one’s back. I have, while kneeling in the tub and washing my hair, frequently thought how wonderful such dress would be.

If I Could Give A Lie Detector Test Across This Nation Here’s What I’d Ask (Surely A Sandra Simonds Homage):

Are you grossed out by man to man sexually and/or erotically?
Are there times when any arms and hands, regardless of what sex, cradling you would feel positively good?
Do you think Lesbians or Queers are really sort of weird?
Do you think given equal stresses, given equal hurdles, a woman and a man are precisely equal one another?
Do your erotic/sexual fantasies star exclusively or predominantly one race?
If the prior answer is yes, and perhaps especially if you’re white, do you think this is racist?
Do you prefer brunettes or blonds?
Which one exudes maximum lick-lick: the Manhattan yuppie stud or the Country hunk?
If you are a man, which of the prior options would you rather look like?
Have you ever pretended to be a model, but of your opposite gender, while in the privacy of your own room?
Do you believe men and women are so innately different there’s no point in arguing that both are human matters far more compared to recognizing how alien woman and man are to each other?
Is there any resource a country’s government is obligated to provide to every single one of its citizens?
Do air and water count as resources?

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