Saturday, March 24, 2012

Notes on White space cadences

One way I--very recently, as in loastnight/morning--like to think of my use of white space as measure is to liken it to  a glotal-stop: there's a pause, an arrest, a halt, a collapse or jerking, but in the service of motion (the glottal hlt does not end the articulation, it reloads it, keeps it going energetically), of projecting forward and downward through the poem; in other words, I don't intend the spaces to be pure pauses, but more like springloaded spots, places where the poem can further bounce.  Maybe the spaces are my dream of a poem actually moving, not being a composition but rather a movement, a moving organism.

Another note: I wish I could write at any spot on the plane of this blog, not stick to the designated plane: type into the far-right margin and ignore the actual spaces intended for blog entries etc.

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