Saturday, March 17, 2012

I do feel terrible about being irked at BlazeVox as I hate how much crud has been slung its way as of the past 6 months; and yes, I agree I should have made sure that what GG sent me lastweek was the most recent version for correction; only after the fact did I see he sent me a september version.  I wish my first full-length book felt like a "victory" not a span of I-flubbed-up.  This process has lessened my self-esteem; especially now that the editor thinks I'm a crap.  I guess it's been a good learning experience; well not good, but good that I've learned I don't enjoy seeing work to the print-stage and that I'm not good at this stage of the game.  I have a bad feeling what gets printed is going to be neither what has already been printed as a sample or the most right wrong version, but rather some new monster.

Ugh, I've got good blurbs, and I do think the poems in the collection mostly work pretty well--so I'm so sad that I feel like the whole thing is a big pretentious joke!

I guess with knowing typos I can't send the work to R Silliman or, for that matter, anyone; or is this me being absurd?



  1. i am sorry to hear of yr troubles w/the printing/publishing of this book adam! but regardless, i cannot wait to read it. yr words are beautiful + i've no doubt that will shine through loudly and magnificently despite printing errors and whatnot. xox gina

  2. Gina--thank you so much for this comment; it is sooooooooooooo what I need this very-very moment--and it's always thrilling to have someone respond to this blog, which often feels like a bog in some neverneverland no-one visits.

    I hope all's well with you, and that the Beastlettes are happy!