Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ok, For days is not going well; GG is pissed, which seems not wholly fair, as recent problems have stemmed from me being sent the wrong version of the manuscript to correct, so I corrected an off copy and hence now there's a weird hybrid with the latest fixes and old errors.  I vote for running the printers version, which has two tiny errors.  GG is annoyed and finds this lame; I don't want to continue this swamptrudge!  Ugh I'm grumpy.  I imagine BlazeVox will never "do" a book of nine again; which is fine, as honestly GG and I just don't seem to communicate all that well.  It's sad to start a work's entrance into the world on such a crap note, but oh well--I need to be done with For Days, and two uncapitalized first lines won't kill me nor a reader; and the printers copy is something GG  does not seem to have, so I vote for no-more messing around with corrections that I may avoid more of the prior mentioned hybrid versions.

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