Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I don't get, given the context of the primary point made, the logic of the "particularly white male privilege bit" of this Tweet- Jan 25 We need to make young people aware of white, particularly white male privilege, way early on. Take it to the outdoor ice rinks.

Here's my argument/response-sketch (which is not at Twitter):

A compelling argument can be made that when it comes to White Supremacist dynamics, that white women and men do get to share this shit-show equitably. I totes agree that it's good to get little male nippers aware of the privileges maleness often carries--but as far as whiteness being racially clueless, the maleness bit strikes me as more than less a red herring/mistaking female identity for a totality which because it often entails disenfranchisement can therefore not be maximally part of white supremacist dynamics, which is ultra questionable--though has obvious white feminist appeal.

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  1. I don't get why recent posts of mine have this white background--I didn't select this design element, or didn't know it if I did..well as structural metaphor for Whiteness and being a dumbo, it's apt.