Friday, February 5, 2016

Homage Julie Carr, Lisa Robertson, Susan Tichy

Grows in gutter.  Grows gutter.  Grosses where one can
Flip page.  Sometimes forgotten.  Called spine.

This is to be totally.  Separate but so closely.  Soil from
Margin blown here.  Tug of utter.  Crocus gut.

Spine aligns runoff.  Offal mottles frontispiece dug
Out fosse gender flowers.  Unprovable taxonomy.

Economy axes.  Sparks fly.  Land.  Discipline.  And rescinds
When conjunction gluts.  Centrifugal convexly mirrored.

Stated again as styptic.  Poise.  Porous.  Lapse bells its
Broken law.  Haw firth howks.  Talons volts blanch.

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