Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Here's my response to this in many ways terrific review:

Adam Strauss 19 January 2016 at 9:54 PM #
I enjoy this review. A question I have is this: I’m unclear on the relationship between gay and queer in this piece; are they synonyms? They largely seem to be, but then it’s gay men not queers who are cited as annoyed–suggesting differentiation. Based on this review, JF is seeming, to me, quite queer, but not gay. Everything quoted strikes me as consonant queerness. (I do see the two terms as signifying quite different topos). Once again–thank you for this…I love how it doesn’t merely revel in LOLing/dissing JF, but doesn’t shy away from cutting words.
OH, one more bit: I agree (though don’t remotely believe) that it’s a truism that sexuality is fluid, but this doesn’t seem to gel with the gay male anger refrain, which seems to be marking a clear, more stable than not subject position; can fluidity articulate anger, and have a moniker?

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