Thursday, June 25, 2015

Submitting Book Manuscript Question

Is this pitching--to Black Ocean--of a manuscript titled Smoked Marrow Scream Cream engaging or off-putting/makes barf and bile fountain up one's windpipe:

Hello, it's Adam Strauss. I am submitting a manuscript titled Smoked Marrow Scream Cream. It consists of two sections: Feminist Pig, and Blue Ossuary. This collection is not long, but aims to pack opera upon opera of wallop. The poems contained within it are aggressive, jocular, plain and plainly ornate. They aim to devastate and be devastatingly funny--friendly-Grinch smack to femur. Put another way: they're Homosexual Prophecy, but with prophet cindered. I would be thrilled--and then more thrilled than that--if this manuscript is deemed apt match for Black Ocean. So far, few of the constituent poems have been published, but the following pieces do appear in Cricket Online Review: Work We Do For Hegemony; Glass Of Milk With Apparitions; BloodHot Mineral Planet; Lungs Are Grammatical.

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