Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sincerely Mockery

THE COW has been called a heterosexual book.  THE COW is not a heterosexual book.  So far, however, the world is composed of people who exist because a man and a woman copulated and a woman got pregnant and gave birth.  Sexuality, the sex act, desire, and what it takes to make a human: I should make a Venn diagram, because they aren’t all the same. 
THE COW is concerned with maternity, not heterosexuality per se.
Sexuality, the sex act, desire, and what it takes to make a human: I should make a Venn diagram, because they aren’t all the same: OK, sure, fair enough--but also wonky, as not all the same does not necessarily mean wholly distinct either.  I kind of like the distinction between maternity and heterosexuality, but also find it disingenuous: the world--every country in it--is quite happy to equate the two (though maybe the Netherlands and a few in vicinity are starting to erode this equation?  It has sure as hello not reached sufficient "mass" in the USA); many countries can barely fathom the phenomena as not one and the same.  Basically, I think this statement of Reines severely underestimates Heterosexuality (not capitalizing it is one clue; it should be capitalized--it's truly major, and majorly connected to Capitalism).  I get that she wants to divorce her Cow--cunt, as a wife has?  Cute if we're dealing with a Stein allusion--from Heterosexuality, because Heterosexuality, although totally sexy and mm scrumptious and sexy and sexy and sexy and seductive, is gross, HEGEMONIC, cruel, crueler than that, then even crueler--oh but yummy, yummy, so good, mm!  Biceps, pectorals, perfectly bodied manly men--so delicious; and tall itsy bitsy blond--died, duh--girls with tits (pert, pretty jumbo, it's all good) and perfect make-up and silky hair, yay for Anna Selezneva, though her beauty seems quite natural, the superior rigged kind: natural men and women are more often than not going to be aesthetically inferior, and unless I'm talking to you, who cares how you think compared to the way you look!--but if you are a screaming Heterosexual (and though I have not read The Cow, I have read other Reines poems, and they are very Heterosexual--which is to say, at the least which is more than most, very human), I vote for wearing your hegemony on your sleeve.   I think that'd be rather cool--much more so than THE COW is not a heterosexual book...snooze: CEO logic. 

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