Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blue is a trope, blue is as a trope, a displacement, but even in mutation blue, maintaining blue, indicating blue is contingent and historically coherent. I am interested in the notion of there being a state of trope, of world as substitutions. The notion trope seems so mobile, so motile, so adequate a concept for knowing within contingency. My prose is awkward and probably pretentious. The words on this page displace my intention. I am not blue about it. There’s no reason, I agree, love can’t be blue, trope can’t be blue, and if one agrees these words display trope and love and blueness despite fully defensible identifying of clinamens then, well, I don’t know how to go on with the subject, or not without subjecting it to tweaking, which is maybe like peeking at a no-no-yes-yes fact, contingent, of life. Blue is big and my silly I, my occludingly self-deprecatory pose, does a go-go grandiose. I am so caught up in believing my prose is cruddy. But I don’t hone it endlessly as with poetry. I wish my natural style would be neutral, transparent, not transparent like a negligee smoking a joint and petting a pony at 34th and Broadway in Manhattan, or elsewhere if the image makes more sense cast at that location’s homonym.

Is and is as, for me, well duh for me, but it’s important to state limits, or is it just sheer redundant when one’s writing in a mode which could easily be termed speculative, embody the difference between knowing, declaring knowledge, and declaring knowledge contingent, subject to the eruptive energies of the present moment.

I wish more people would read this blog. It makes sense few do; not many are likely to have much love for quasi-lyric quasi argumentative musings, mumblings, meows, pleas, cryings out, callings, and this list must stop: it has become back-patting.

What does my fascination with trope signal? Is this my attempt at theorizing the essential, or is the concept that there’s the essential another trope, and substituting for what, and is substituting standing in or is standing in already oriented around an axis, an edifice, incommensurate contingency.

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