Thursday, December 29, 2011

[Oops, not sure what happened but the post posted prior to arrival at an "end"]...Anyways I'm very pro Petrarch.  The JG piece reminds me some of H Mullen which I very much dig, and I also think R Silliman except I think that's not something other than a hazy thought--likely just a matter of seeing largish chunks of prosepoem.  I need to get back into The Alphabet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I like how the pieces are I guess one could say kaleidoscopic and also loosely narrative/faux diaristic.  Mostly, and this gets strayt back to HM, I love how the text majorly seems generated by puns and other play.  It's hard to believe it was written "with a hardon."  MM, or maybe it's got some of the semenic drive A Burgess says narrative needs--I might be making up the AB paraphrase; wow I feel like so much of my "knowledge" is that which I've made up rather than verified.

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