Monday, December 12, 2011

A Lovely Surprise

I searched me on the internet and found this amazingly kind response to some poems of mine (here's the link:;
Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What to do now?

My favorite artist in FENCE was Adam Strauss and I looked up his work. Unfortunately, FENCE is his second publishing and I could not find much about the author. I found this bio on " Adam Strauss lives in las Vegas, Nevada. He has poems out

in the current Drunken Boat, as well as forthcoming in Fence. "

I also read a few of the poems that were on this web page and this was my favorite:


Blood thinks.

Streams sings.

Rubies' regal reddenings.

Logicians think.

Singers sing.

Painters paint ravishing reddenings.

Glasses clink in an act of relief.

A philosopher falls in love with a painter's way with paint.

Blood sauce more warming than sable regals.

Writing heightens sensation presently.

We shouldn't necessarily all be writing.

It is fun doing a bad job it’s good to be doing fun.

Running a sentence on extends its sense or I'm wrong.

It is a big deal but not now.

Something else is present I'll love it later.

I've long been doing in love so I’m interested in doing lust.

I want lust to wake up at dawn and place a rose on my chest.

I hope he smells like bacon and cinnamon singing country music. "

I believe that Strauss is homosexual and that many of his poems that I have read show this. However, I found it interesting in the above poem that the only illusion to this is the word "he" in the final line. It seems strange that he would put so little attention to it because in other poems such as one named " Gay" it seems so apparent.

Posted by Chris Hernandez at 6:52 PM 0 comments On the Fence about "Fence"

As I began reading "FENCE" I was perplexed by by the abstract and absurd nature of many of the poems. They seemed to be far above my comprehension level and seemed too unique to fit into many of the previous poetry categories I have read. However, as I began to slow down and study each poem I began to appreciate the writing more. I searched for flow between poems and was unable to find any. I wanted to find out if the editors had chosen poems that flowed together or portrayed some overall message. I definitely realized some social commentary, as seen in "OverPass" by Adam Strauss. Sometimes it is apparent, as seen in Strauss' work: "Because this/ Is Los Angeles---/ Home of the world's/ Most glamorous feminism." I was able to understand Strauss' work and many other writers such as Jose Perez Beduya or Kirstin  Hatch.
Chris, thank you so much for your response!

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