Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scattered Bits

A poem I just wrote less than a minute ago, and which took less than 7 minutes to "compose":

A kind of brail, a

Kind one, malady

Its uncanny manifestation,

Elation, sorest

Estivation, tip and


At the center of

A volume whose

Spine is

Thirteen inches wide,

A constant

Compress, wavering


Keeps sparks on course.


Every now and then I read a line of thought stating humans can become animal, or the dynamics of humans on their way to the animal: J Skinner and Delueze come to mind.  I don't really get this---ok, yah, I do, but it seems a tad wonky: humans are animals!  True, humans have a grossly asymetrical relation to other organisms, but we certainly are in the animal matrix!  There may be a need to, rhetorically, become one, because many---most---may not agree with me that pigs and bonobos and parakeets are kin, but I'd "argue" that this becoming animal rhetoric is really just a way of tuning in to elided reality rather than actually altering it in the truthytruthtruthiest sense.  Then again, I guess if one believes that they are permanently estranged from aardvarks and stoplight parrot-fish, then the becoming animal trope cld be just the logic needed.

Note: I am not even sure fish count as animals were I talking to a biologist; the above is me doing some sketchy musing, not world-class, utterly accurate articulation.

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