Friday, December 28, 2012

Without A Qualifier, Is The Girl (that trope) Assumed To Be Slim And Pretty?

"The Young-Girl is idle talk substantiated, inauthentic life made Queen: ‘Precisely because of her nothingness, each of her judgements carries the imperative weight of the entire sovereign order, and she knows it.’"  This is from a review by Nina Power who I'd like to assume is not a female in conventional bodily sense of a work titled  Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl by some one or matrix named Tiqqun.  As stated in the blogpost-title, is it just me or may there be some distressing homogenization of girls going on in this theory of the girl.  Maybe it's just me, but when I read the world girl, I think trim and lovely, or at-least conventionally attractive; and it's easy for me to imagine that it's the pretty girls who get to deploy girly power, who indeed get to be the girl; the fat girl is very, very different, I'm guessing, in discourses.  I think the confidence of the pretty ones--women and men and all the gorgeous bends--has yet to recieve adequate attention/theorizing.  Are aesthetically yummy people immune to difficulty--institutional difficulty included--well I'd assume not; but lookin' lovely nonetheless may make, in many instances, for some major advantages when it comes to having an audience or having the sense of nerve to act certain ways.  Ultimately I think this is not surprising--there's no clear reason why feminism should be immune to braiding amicably to capitalist logic/the logic of mainstream media.  I know, discursively, what a girl is; however, the term frequently makes me want to yell the question--and what, in the name of deliciousness (I love delicious as non gustatorial adjective), is a girl?  Too, the word girl, for me, already denotes heterosexuality, and I find that barfy.  Now, for a perhaps absurd torquing of what precedes: I love the word Girl! 

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