Friday, July 2, 2010

“…one adjective too many and you’re out”

Parks and parcels and pickups and pitstops and pits and arms and armoires;

Exquisite parks and radiant pickups and egregious pitstops and anorexic arms and ostentatious armoires;

Exquisitely mannered parks and radiant roaring pickups and egregious gregarious pitstops and anorexic elegant arms and ostentatious splintery armoires;

Exquisitely mannered dangerous parks and radiant roaring jaundiced pickups and egregious gregarious gorgeous pitstops and anorexic elegant allotropic arms and ostentatious splintery aromatic armoires;—

All of the above has burned. Someone has swept the ash and pips into a pile. Scoop some of the char up and mix with oil; make up your eyes.

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