Monday, June 22, 2009


Some strains of academia's, seeming, emphasis on difference frustrates me; difference, by itself, strikes me as not enough, not unless the differences are put into relations--preferably positive ones (which do not fall along cleancut binaries); at its worst, is it just me or could emphasizing difference just create more islands (and not an archipelago!) which could create even more alienation than there already is. I get that there is a scaredness of liberal humanism, which has often had too many elisions to be true, but I believe the world needs to, again, seek wholeness.
Relatedly, I don't think feminism should specifically be about women, but instead the world: people, non-human animals, soil, fresh water, oceans, air. I do not mean this proposal to be an excuse to going back to ignoring women, non-whites, non-heterosexuals; they're a part of the world and so need lots of attention! Feminism, to me, is as perfect a world-view as there currently is.
Maybe the Watts Towers make a good objective corellative: the materials used to make the mosaics are fragments, smashed-up once upon a time wholenesses, but they are then reasembled into a new whole, one whose essence is a million differences.
These musings are far from perfectly expressed; please, if you happen to read this, do not take these statements as final, but rather as a start which will have to start again.
As well, I don't mean to, via the Watts Towers, sneak in phalocentrism!
I hope you, whoever you are, are doing well!

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